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Cancer is a serious and overwhelming condition that warrants the best possible diagnostic testing, treatments, and individualized and compassionate care. At Arizona Urology with multiple locations in Goodyear, Glendale, and Gilbert, Arizona, the gifted urology specialists provide effective oncology care and help you improve your wellness and quality of life. Let the caring providers take some of the weight off your shoulders during this time. Call your nearest Arizona Urology office today.

Oncology Q & A

What is oncology?

Oncology refers to the study of and the diagnosis, management, and treatment of early and advanced cancers affecting the muscles, organs, bones, and connective tissues.

An oncologist is a doctor who practices oncology, diagnoses and treats cancer, and provides personalized medical care for someone with cancer. 

An oncologist manages your care throughout the course of the disease, explains your cancer diagnosis and stage, discusses your treatment options, helps you manage your symptoms, and improves your overall health.

What is cancer?

Cancer refers to growths of abnormal cells in a certain part of the body that grow out of control at the expense of other organs and tissues. 

Cancer is a complex disease. For a tumor to grow and spread, it stimulates new blood vessels to provide the tumor with oxygen and nutrients in a process called angiogenesis.

What are the different types of cancer?

Different types of cancer are treated in different ways. Arizona Urology treats various cancers, such as:

  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Testicular
  • Urethral
  • Penile 
  • Prostate

If you have any concerns or questions about cancer, you should book your personal consultation and evaluation at Arizona Urology.

Some of the concerning symptoms of urologic cancers include:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Lump in your abdomen
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Pain in your side
  • Loss of appetite
  • Visible mass

You might also feel generally fatigued and unwell.

What does oncologic care involve?

You can expect your first oncology appointment to last at least two or three hours as your oncologist gathers important information about your health. Your visit typically involves:

  • A physical exam
  • An in-depth discussion of your current health, symptoms, and medical and family history
  • Additional testing, such as imaging, blood work, and urine testing
  • Possible biopsy of the organ involved to confirm the diagnosis

The right treatments for your cancer depend on the type, such as bladder or kidney, the stage of your cancer, your personal preferences, and other important factors. Some of the oncology treatments that might be used for cancer include:

  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Immunotherapy
  • Biological therapy
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Healthy lifestyle changes, such as nutritional counseling and stress management
  • Surgery when necessary

Some cancers, such as bladder, kidney, and prostate, often require surgery to remove all or part of the tumor. 

Cancer surgery can be performed in different ways with varying surgical tools and techniques, such as Da Vinci® surgery, open surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and traditional laparoscopy. 

Your Arizona Urology oncologist can help you decide what’s best and make sure you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.

For empathic and quality oncologic care when you or a loved one need it most, call Arizona Urology today.