6 Causes of Bloody Urine

6 Causes of Bloody Urine

The appearance of blood anywhere on your body is rarely a good thing, but when it shows up in your urine, you immediately recognize that something is wrong. While, yes, blood in your urine may be cause for concern, we urge you to read on to explore the many reasons that may explain its presence.

The team here at Arizona Urology routinely helps our patients identify the cause of hematuria, which is the medical name for blood in your urine. In some cases, the problem is either temporary or perfectly harmless, while in others it could point to something more serious. Let’s take a look.

1. Trauma or injury to your kidneys

If you sustain a blow to your kidneys or your kidneys have been jostled around quite a bit, you may experience a few days of bloody urine. In most cases, the blood slowly dissipates over a couple of days as your kidneys heal. If the blood persists, however, you should come see us.

2. Urinary tract infection

If you have an infection in your urinary tract (UTI), your urine may take on a pinkish to downright red coloring. This symptom is often accompanied by a frequent urge to urinate and painful urination, which are the hallmarks of a UTI. In most cases, a simple course of antibiotics should clear up both the blood and the infection.

3. Bladder or kidney stones

If you have a stone in your kidney or bladder, you may experience hematuria. If these stones move or try to pass, you will likely experience considerable pain alongside the bloody urine. Here again, it’s important that you come see us so that we can use advanced imaging technology to detect whether stones are present.

4. Prostate problems

If you have an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or prostatitis, microscopic amounts of blood can enter your urine. This symptom is often accompanied by a frequent urge to urinate and difficulty urinating.

5. Kidney infection

If bacteria gain access to one or both of your kidneys, either through your blood or through your urinary tract, an infection can develop, which might cause hematuria. Kidney infections are usually quite uncomfortable, and you’ll likely also have pain in your lower back, as well as a fever. These infections can be serious if left unchecked, so please come see us if what we’ve described sounds at all familiar.

6. More serious issues behind hematuria

Among the more serious medical issues that can lead to blood in your urine are:

Obviously, the best way to determine what’s behind the blood in your urine is to come see us so that we can perform a comprehensive evaluation. To get started, contact one of our locations in Goodyear, Glendale, Gilbert, Surprise, or Phoenix, Arizona, to set up an appointment.

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