4 Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery

4 Benefits of Robotic Prostate Surgery

You’ve received our recommendation that we perform prostate surgery to improve your health, and you’re not overly excited by the news. We understand your trepidation, but we also want to put your mind at ease by pointing out that we're greatly improving the process and the outcomes thanks to advanced, minimally invasive robotic technology.

The highly skilled team of men’s health experts here at Arizona Urology prides itself on combining innovation with experience, which perfectly describes robotic-assisted surgery.

Whether you’re turning to surgery for prostate cancer or benign prostate hyperplasia, here are four benefits of using robotic technology.

1. A better view

The first step in your robotic surgery is to make a very small incision, through which we thread a tiny camera. This camera is equipped with a light and provides a high-definition, three-dimensional view of your prostate and the surrounding area.

The images we receive on our monitor are magnified, giving us a more detailed view of the surgical site than traditional open surgery and human eyes allow.

2. Precision movements

The robot piece of the puzzle comes in the form of arms that we control directly. Our surgeons sit at a console next to the operating table and guide the arms throughout your surgery. This means that not only is the “robot” under our control the entire time, but we’re also able to make more precise and accurate movements than our own hands might accomplish.

The robotic arms have more range of motion in smaller spaces and eliminate any unsteadiness that comes with human hands.

3. Reduced recovery

Thanks to the minimally invasive approach of robotic prostate surgery, your recovery journey is greatly improved because of:

Perhaps most important, when you put all of these benefits together, it means less postoperative discomfort for you. As well, since you heal more quickly after minimally invasive robotic surgery, there’s far less disruption to your life.

4. The best technology

The robotic technology we use is called daVinci® — the industry leader in this field. To date, more than 60,000 surgeons around the world have used daVinci technology to perform more than 10 million procedures.

While our numbers are much smaller, our surgeons have extensive experience with the daVinci surgical system, which means you’re in good hands, robotic and human.

If you have more questions or concerns about robotic-assisted prostate surgery, please contact one of our locations in Goodyear, Gilbert, or Glendale, Arizona.

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